(M.Phil - 2-YEAR Study)

M. Phil. Program is divided into four semesters, each spreads over a span of 4 ½ months. In this period total of 30 credit hours are required to be completed. The curriculum matrix of the M. Phil. Program is as follows:







aSemester - I                                       aSemester - II

Code No: Subject   Code No: Subject
MC - 701 Issue in Contemporary Business   MC - 712 Advanced Research Methodology
MC - 702 Quantitative Data Analysis (Inferential Statistics)   MC - 713 Econometrics
    MC - 714 Corporate Finance
MC - 703 Advance Management Accounting Issues   MC - 715 Financial Modeling
MC - 704 Corporate Governance      



aSemester - III & IV

Code No: Subject      
MC - 801 Thesis & Viva Voce      
Each teacher will give research project or term paper on the subject related to his course. Each course will be of 3 credit hours and carry 100 marks.
The Department reserves the right to exercise its discretion in offering any subject or field of concentration, according to the availability of academic facilities.



aThesis & Viva Voce Exams

Thesis is an integral part of the M.Phil. Semester Program, which carries 6 credit hours and 200 marks towards the final result. Candidates are required to submit a thesis and take Viva-Voce Examination. They will not be granted M.Phil. Semester Degree unless they have satisfactorily completed the thesis & Viva Vose Exam.


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